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The workshop will be live, interactive and personalize so that you can walk away with tools you can

implement right away into your life.


Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and disconnected from your body, with your partner and your kids?

Are you living in your head? Doubting and judging yourself often?

Do you have good intentions about your self-care but find yourself at the end of each week not having made time for what truly replenishes you? Are you even sure of what truly replenished you?

Overall, are you BURNT OUT?

Well, I'll let you in a little secret...

Menstural Cycle Embodiment is the easiest way to break the burnout cycles!

Let's go from tired and overwhelmed to present and empowered.

This workshop is an essential first step in bringing awareness to what is no longer serving us, and gives us an opportunity to choose something different than the status quo of what modern day womanhood, motherhood and entrepreneurship looks and feels like.

With this awareness you will be able to:

  • Break the cycles of burnout
  • Honour your body and your energy
  • Decondition societal expectations
  • Release feelings of guilt and reactionary behaviour
  • Let go of shame

You will also walk away with:

*A Powerful tool to help you track and connect with your cycle

**Simple and actionable steps to bring your inner and outer world into alignment

***Transformative tips for self awareness

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