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Thank you for sharing with me, these are important questions to ask yourself and I know the answers can be triggering especially if you are not currently in a place where you are thriving in Motherhood, in your relationship or in your personal goals. 

Here are some quick tips in 4 areas where I believe based on your quiz results, there is huge potential for growth.


Investing the time

When you think about investing time in your mental and physical care, I understand at this point it doesn’t seem realistic with all the other priorities in your life. What I’m inviting you to consider which will help you to shift your perspective when it comes to self-care is for you to ask yourself : 

“What’s at stake if I continue this way?” and “What have I missed out on doing or feeling because of my lack of commitment to self-care?” 

These are big questions, but ones that can completely change your perspective on the importance of putting yourself first. 

You are more valuable than you know, and filling your own cup each day is a priority.   

We want to give our family and friends the best of us. Not what’s left of us. 

At this point, commit to 10 minutes a day to do something that you LOVE or that brings you to a space of peace. Those 10 minutes if done consistently will change your life. I promise. 


Becoming aware

When we are passive about the limiting beliefs which are creating big impacts on our life, we can end up feeling powerless to them and then find ourselves repeating patterns and ways of being that we just simply don’t want to be part of. Bringing conscious awareness is the first step.

So, when you catch yourself in a spiral of negative self-talk, instead of pushing the thought down or away or feeling powerless to it, take the first step in awareness by acknowledging the thought(s) you are having out loud or on a piece of paper. Is there actual proof that this is true for you? Or is this a belief that was created based on a past experience, or societies conditioning?

By separating fact from fiction, you are on your way to creating new powerful truths about who you truly are outside of the stories and societies conditioning.



What we are thinking internally impacts not only our behavior and patterns but also manifests in our physical bodies. Spend some time reconnecting with your physical body from a space of gratitude and compassion. Even if you are not completely loving your physical body at this point, you can choose to rebuild your relationship to it by listening to its cues and sensations.

Your body is talking and it’s never been a better time to listen! I can help you to discover what it has been saying to you!


Conscious Communication

When we haven’t had a chance to fully understand and let go of certain things from our past it can be difficult to show up the way we want to the relationships in our lives. It takes dedication to heal trauma and limiting beliefs. If you are new to using conscious communication (ie. checking your ego at the door), the best thing to step into is wanting the change. Begin to acknowledge yourself in behaviors and patterns and declare to yourself and/or others instead “I’m committed to healing this” “This is not my truth” “I am ready to do better for myself/us”.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to transform quickly or to have all your triggers sorted out. When we have lived through our egos (due to society's conditioning) for so long, it can be hard to take this first step of surrender. No one is perfect, and sometimes admitting that we want to change can break down walls and open us up to support we never imagined possible.

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Yolande V.
The experience really taught me how to be still with myself and to make the time for the energetic/mental work which is extremely important for me right now. Thank you thank you so much!