Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and disconnected from your body, with your partner and your kids?

Are you living in your head? Doubting and judging often?

Do you have good intentions about your self-care but find yourself at the end of each week not having made time for what truly replenishes you? Are you even sure of what truly replenished you?

Look I get it. Not only are we expected to be "good" mothers, but "good" lovers, "good" chefs and even "good" housekeepers too!

It's hard to keep up!

But, it's time to unlearn what it is to be a "good" and "bad" mother and tap into our body wisdom instead.

For you. For our Kids. For US!

Let's break out of the mold and go from tired and overwhelmed to present and empowered.

This Masterclass is an essential first step in bringing awareness to what is no longer serving us, and gives us an opportunity to choose something different than the status quo of what modern day motherhood looks and feels like.


In the 3-part 60 minute Masterclass I will share the key principles that will allow you to transform how you see yourself and give you the opportunity to truly step into your power as a woman, which will spill into all roles in your life and especially Motherhood.

PART 1 - Breaking out of the Motherhood Mold!

  • Bringing awareness to limiting beliefs around your body and Motherhood
  • Why we need to take action now

PART 2 - What's at the Root?

  • Exploring why we are finding ourselves in these limiting beliefs
  • Dipping our toes into embodiment work in order to make space for new possibilities
  • Using a powerful (yet simple) subconscious reprogramming technique

PART 3 - Motherhood Embodied

  • A powerful visualization exercise
  • What's next for you?

Your investment only -  $11 !!


So... what are you waiting for?


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