Welcome to the masterclass!

PART 1 - Breaking out of the Motherhood Mold!

  • Bringing awareness to limiting beliefs around your body and Motherhood
  • Why we need to take action now

PART 2 - What's at the Root?

  • Exploring why we are finding ourselves in these limiting beliefs
  • Dipping our toes into embodiment work in order to make space for new possibilites
  • Using a powerful (yet simple) subconsious reprograming technique

PART 3 - Motherhood Embodied

  • A powerful visualization exercise
  • What's next for you?

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Cait is an Feminine Embodiment Guide and Business Mentor to heart centered female entrepreneurs. She empowers women and mothers struggling with physical burnout, mom-guilt and lack of clarity.

She is trained in Somatic Body Oriented Coaching, is a Level II Reiki Practitioner, Landmark forum graduate who has been working with women for nearly a decade guiding them to transform their relationship with themselves and their bodies through group and 1:1 settings.

Her programs are grounded in self-awareness, healing, aligned action and embodiment which lead women to create the financial abundance, freedom and connection that they desire. 


30 minute connection calls are available by clicking the button below.

During the connection calls you will :

  • Gain clarity on current needs and desires
  • Have an understanding about blocks
  • Be led thorugh a powerful Embodied Self visualization



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