Do you feel like you only have a few days a month where you feel productive, confident and "in flow"?

Want to find out how to feel like your favorite self more often? Cycle Tracking is your first step!

You can download your Free Cycle Tracker HERE!

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ANNNDD I have a special bonus for YOU!

Now that you have your Cycle Tracker, I'm also giving your access to the Cycle Shifting Seminar taking place in a private community on Sept 21st.


What's the Seminar all about?

Well, I'll let you in a little secret... Menstrual Cycle Awareness is the easiest way to break out of burnout cycles!


With this awareness you will be able to:

  • Work with your natural cycle
  • Honour your body and your energy
  • Decondition societal expectations
  • Release feelings of guilt and reactionary behaviour
  • Let go of shame


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Cait is an Feminine Embodiment Guide and Business Mentor to heart centered female entrepreneurs. She empowers women and mothers struggling with physical burnout, mom-guilt and lack of clarity.

She is trained in Somatic Body Oriented Coaching, is a Level II Reiki Practitioner, Landmark forum graduate who has been working with women for nearly a decade guiding them to transform their relationship with themselves and their bodies through group and 1:1 settings.

Her programs are grounded in self-awareness, healing, aligned action and embodiment which lead women to create the financial abundance, freedom and connection that they desire. 


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